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The Story of
Mimi's Origamis

Welcome, and thank you for being here!

Mimi's Origamis is an origami jewelry business based in Austin, TX that specializes in creating lightweight, elegant, and unique pieces using traditional Japanese washi paper and 14K gold-filled metals. Growing up as a first-generation Japanese-American, origami was a big part of my childhood. It's how I connected with my Japanese culture and gave me a sense of belonging when I traveled to Japan to visit my relatives. It gave me comfort whenever I made big life transitions, and after becoming a mother, I felt myself longing for its familiarity. 

The crane, called tsuru in Japanese, represents peace, prosperity, and good fortune, and it was through folding them that the idea of creating jewelry with them came about. My very first piece was the double crane, representing a mother and child.

I fold each unique piece by hand from traditional washi paper and create them with the hope that they will bring peace and good fortune to those who wear them! 

I hope that you can find something that speaks to you. 


With gratitude,


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